You never know when Success is around the corner

You never know when Success is around the corner

Let me introduce why this means very much to me. I was contracted to work for an orange juice company called Innocent Drinks early on in my IT Career. After one Month, they did not extend my contract. It hit me really hard, as I felt I did my absolute best showing I was interested in learning and developing my skills by always being curious and asking questions.

In the end, they did not extend my contract. I was soo devasted to find out. My boss at the time said he felt I would best be suited for a company that had processes in place. This confused me soo much, so I spent the time to think and reflect on his feedback.

After two months of constantly looking, I had this one opportunity work for the local Government. So I had to go through a phase to have a phone interview at the time with the IT operations manager. I was given feedback from the recruitment agency I was with at the time, and I was told they had rejected me, to say it is a nice way, "You have been unfortunately unsuccessful". I was about to give up as I had made phone interview with no feedback in the past 2 months.

I was lucky enough that after 1 week, the government had called the agency I was with to let them know, the position was available. So the agency ended up calling me to let me know if I was still available to accept the position as a Service Desk Analyst. I accepted and went on a 1 week trial period, which I was successful and was promoted within 1 year to an IT Infrastructure engineer for the Government.

It was not just NOT luck, the funny thing was, the reason why this position became available after 1 week was that the guy who had been fired there after 3 days. This guy I ended up finding out he had worked in the same company as a contractor at Innocent drinks contracting as well!

At the end of the day. I made my luck, I had to work hard to consistent call recruitments agency to look for a job and finally, I got "Lucky" how I got my role.

Now I leave you with an inspiration video from Alan Walker who is a musician who worked hard on how he became successful in the Music industry.

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