How to Set Goals in 2018 – 3 Proven Methods

It is the year 2018, writing down and settings goals will give you an insight into what you really want to achieve in life. I will go through proven methods in which I have personally used that allowed me to achieve my goals and how it has drastically changed my life since I started using these methods as seen below.

Grab a journal

It all started in the year 2014 where I decided I really need to change my life and set life goals. Back then I used to work in a restaurant and as soon as I got home, I would go and play video games 10 hours straight without a care in the world.

It was at this point I realised this wasn’t healthy as I was hiding behind a real problem, which was my shyness and anxiety to talk to people. I did not have any confidence in communicate with customers. So I ended up taking the first action to buy an A5 handbook, and the first ever goal that was written was:

  • Improve my communication Skills – To connect with people

Little did I know, this ended up with a great continuing Journey of self-improvement to always better myself and learn new skills.

I suggest writing at least 3 different goals

  • Short Term 
  • Mid Term
  • Long Term

Sticky Notes

Along with writing my goals in my Journal. I ended up writing those goals on a sticky note, and placed it on a wall in my room to always remind myself about my goals on a Daily basis.

To be continued…

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