Finding Happiness – How to Beat Depression

How would you feel to be happy with no worries at all? Amazing wouldn’t it. So for me today, I was in the state of depression. The reason being is if you focus on the negatives. You will then have negative energy, which sets you up for the rest of the day. In my case, I think I do not have any close friends who I can talk to. I have words in my head that tell me, you are not worthy, you can’t connect with people, you need better social skills.

It was always the feeling in my mind for the Desire for more friendship. Since 4 years ago, I had relentlessly become solution focus on solving this problem. By development my social skills on a consistent basis. But I still have almost the same amount of 2 or 3 friends that I had since I started.


So in order to break my negative mindset, I use these set of technique.

  1. State management
  2. Positive thinking


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