FAIL – First Attempt in Learning – My Story within IT

Failed. Some may like it that word, some may not. Whether it be on your driving test, education exams or starting a business. It happens. But what we must do, is keep driving forward like a train, learn what were the mistakes and understand exactly what to do next time for it to not happen. Think of the knowledge and skills you gain from this.

So today I had my ITIL exam which I had come prepared really well, whilst having a great 2-day class training from an excellent IT trainer. But when it got to the exam, the questions were daunting to me, and I didn’t know the answers to many of the questions even though they were a multiple choice question with 4 answers to choose from. In the end, I had even missed out 3 questions, which I didn’t even guess and ran out of time!

So at that moment, I knew I did bad, and the exam invigilator had the time to mark all the papers for all 10 people (including myself) and was able to get a rough result if I had failed or not. He had let everyone go once he finished marking the papers and I stayed behind. I had a chat with him about how well I did the exam paper and you would have never needed to guess. I heard the word “Failed” in his sentence. But it should never affect you, as I knew I gave it all my best with no regrets, which I will retake the exam again in the future.

So on my way home, the big coincidence was that there was a sign in the London Underground station with the quote of the day board that said:

END is not the end. In fact, END means “Effort Never Dies”.
If you get NO as an answer, remember NO means “Next Opportunity”.
If you FAIL, never give up Because Fail Means “First Attempt In Learning”.

So the lesson here is, stay positive, keep going forward like a train and believe in yourself whatever it is you want to achieve in your life.

Please let me know if I inspired you and how the article can be improved. I know your first impression of me would be a bit funny with me sharing a failure (For those who don’t know me). But would like to share my hardship through my journey within IT and have discovered a new passion to inspire and motivate people.

Thank you for reading!

Now I leave you with this motivational video from Jack Ma, who is one of my inspirations and hopefully you too. 🙂

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