Finding Happiness – Another Depression Sprout

So today at work, I had to complete the IT system backups of moving these physical backup tapes to a different building. When I got to the other building I basically was in a depressed state it was soo bad, I was thinking about all the different ways I could end my life. Yeah… not so great. I believe the weather contributed to this, and you need to realise this.

I checked my phone and also was in a group message chat, then discovered a person who had gone to the same secondary school when I was younger, had passed away. You could imagine how much this had increased my emotions.

What I did was use a method which is called State Management which you have to change your focus when you have a negative emotion and focus on the positives. I tell myself and ask questions like:

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. I am Successful
  3. No matter how bad is, or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it.

One of the important ones was, that I am grateful for my family and friends. So I ended up calling a little young friend of mine to check in how he had been. We ended up having a little chat, then I ended ordering a Pizza over to his house, to help me out, and to thank him for always having someone to chat to really. As they say, we feel a greater send of  Happiness when we help and serve others.


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