Act as if you are successful already

We act as if… it a phrase which made me think. What if you act as if you were rich, act if you were successful. Just imagine you have made it and have reached your goals and dreams.

So if we act as if you was a successful entrepreneur and business person, rather than focus on the way poor people act which is “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that”. You would focus on “How will this make me more money”. You would focus on the “How” rather than the negatives, saying things like you “Can’t do this”.

This resonates with myself really well because I used to have a lot of negativity within myself, I had absolutely no clue where this even came from. So I used to work in a restaurant, I was so fearful in communication with the customers because I would constantly focus on how the customer would think about. This would bring soo much anxiety which made me shy, therefore was a barrier for myself, stopping me from being able to communicate with anyone effectively.



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